Ever since humans started to settle and build homes, limestone such as Jura Limestone has been in demand as a highly versatile construction material. The aesthetic and structural properties of Jura Limestone make it the ideal material with which to give buildings that special touch. Jura Limestone facade claddings, as used in the Copenhagen Opera House, make for an external wall design which is as elegant as it is timeless, while exuding an air of security and durability. The result is a warm, living outer shell whose multifaceted colours

and shapes lend it a distinctive appearance. Vereinigte Marmorwerke Kaldorf manufactures facing tiles to individual customer specifications in terms of size, colour and surface design. Every order is handled expertly within agreed deadlines and executed with great care right up to shipment. Experienced contacts bring their long-standing skills to bear in providing support to every customer in all matters relating to this unique natural material, starting as early as the planning phase.