Unique relic of a bygone age

Around 160 million years ago, large swathes of southern Germany were submerged under a tropical shallow sea. In the Franconian Alb region, the sediments from this sea produced Jura stone, a fine-grained limestone rich in fossils, as a unique relic of a bygone age. The sedimentary rock with its exceptional wealth of shapes and colours consists of individual beds up to 1.60 metres thick, with the depth of the strata in the Kaldorf area measuring around 45 metres in total. This natural treasure has been excavated in the quarries of

Vereinigte Marmorwerke Kaldorf for 50 years. Here it is processed for interior and exterior applications by 120 experienced staff using state-of-the-art technology.Whether facade claddings, floor coverings, wall elements or objects for interior decoration or for gardening and landscaping – every piece of the light beige to grey-blue limestone is an individual piece of geological history in which nature, aesthetic appeal, quality and stability of value have united to create a fascinating product.