Building with natural stone is becoming increasingly popular. This is hardly surprising, as materials such as Jura Limestone come particularly close to satisfying the growing demand for natural products, aesthetic appeal and durability. Natural stone lends a room atmosphere as a wall cladding, decorative ornament or visual element and possesses particular harmonising assets in respect of form and style alike. As a natural material, Jura Limestone exudes strength and dynamism as well as meditative calm. Any living space will profit from the resulting clarity and positive atmosphere.

Processing and finishing requirements are as individual as every stone itself. Vereinigte Marmorwerke Kaldorf’s broad range of Jura Limestone in various colours, surfaces and structures covers every application area and desired effect. The many decades of materials knowhow accumulated by the company’s staff in conjunction with state-of-the-art quarrying and processing technologies ensure that the perfect solution can be found for every design requirement.

Stairs, Residential House, Asutalia

Garden, Residential House, England

Stairs, Residential House, Czech Republic

Stairs and bathroom, Residential House, Australia

Bathroom, Hotel Interalpen, Austria

Column, Germany

Church, Kaldorf, Germany

External staircase of publishing house, Augsburg, Germany

Staircase, National Theatre, Budapest, Hungary

Wedge-shaped stairs, Amtknechtshaus, Dollnstein, Germany

Wall, residential building, Beilngries, Germany

Bathroom and stairs in residential house, Tegernsee, Germany