The diversity found in nature itself is reflected in the broad product range of Vereinigte Marmorwerke Kaldorf, which supplies Jura Limestone in an enormous variety of styles, colours and surfaces.The natural colour spectrum of the stone ranges from beige to grey-blue varieties, encompassing all

conceivable mixtures of shades in between. Sections across the bedding produce veined colour structures. Jura Limestone is available with polished, honed, bushhammered, sandblasted, slightly sandblasted and brushed, tumbled and tooth chiselled surfaces.

Polished surface

beige, layer 11, polished

beige vein cut, polished

upper layer, beige, polished

beige, polished

grey-beige mixed, polished

grey, polished

Bushammered surface

beige, bushammered

beige, bushammered

beige bushammered, brushed

grey, bushammered

grey, bushammered

grey, bushammered, brushed

Slightly sandblasted surface

layer 11, slightly sandblasted

grey, slightly sandblasted

beige vein cut, sandblasted, brushed

beige, sandblasted

beige, slightly sandblasted

grey, slightly sandblasted

Honed surface

beige, honed

beige, honed

beige, layer 11, honed

beige, pale, honed

grey-beige mixed, honed

grey, upper layer, honed

Sandblasted surface

beige, sandblasted

beige, sandblasted

beige, sandblasted, brushed

grey, sandblasted, brushed

grey, sandblasted

grey, sandblasted

Tooth chiselled surface

beige, tooth chiselled, 1,5 cm

beige, tooth chiselled, 0,7 cm

Tumbled surface

beige, tumbled

grey-beige mixed, tumbled

grey, tumbled

Split surface

beige, split