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Aesthetically appealing, durable and versatile – Jura limestone is a real treasure of nature. The fossils encased in the stone mean that every piece is unique, while its structural properties make it a highly sought-after building material. Vereinigte Marmorwerke Kaldorf has been mining and processing Jura marble for 50 years, satisfying a wide range of individual customer requirements both at home and abroad. We are happy to do the same for you.



Jura limestone lends buildings a distinctive touch. It gives façades a timeless elegance, while also exuding an air of security and durability.



Jura limestone is available in a wide range of colours, structures and surfaces, thus making for a huge variety of different floor coverings. Charming highlights are provided by the encased fossils.



As a natural material, Jura limestone exudes strength and dynamism, as well as meditative calm. Any living space will benefit from the resulting clarity and positive atmosphere.


Garden and solid stone structures

The individual structures, shapes and colours of Jura limestone work in harmony with nature, blending in beautifully with the surrounding landscape.